3 Ways You Can Prepare for Junk Removal Service

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3 Ways You Can Prepare for Junk Removal Service

27 March 2020
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Junk removal services take a burden off someone looking to clean out a packed house. Unwanted furniture and other bulky items may sit side-by-side smaller things that take up a ton of space. The fact the junk removal pros do all the lifting and carrying sounds good to someone unable to do a lot of heavy lifting. A homeowner might want to be a little better in control of the process.

To make sure things go as intended, he/she might work at better organizing things for removal. Doing so could be a smart idea. Homeowners who prepare for the cleanout can make things more efficient and productive.

1. Moving the Loose Stuff Outside

Say the pickup crew's arrival is at 10:00 am. Maybe at 9:00 am, you could move some loose things into the yard. Lifting a massive dining room table isn't necessary because the team handles such work. They'll also take the lighter chairs. If you are physically able and personally motivated, moving those chairs to the yard is an option. Maybe there are plants, books, and radios you want tosses out. You could put them in the yard, as well.

The team would still have a direct route inside the house to those oversized items. Again, you don't have to do this, but maybe you see upsides in moving some things yourself. Namely, this could speed things up a little.

2. Putting Things In Boxes or Bags

Loose things can also go in heavy-duty trash bags or cardboard boxes. When the junk removal crew arrives, they can cart them out. Pre-packing the junk does something else beneficial. It allows you to inventory things in the house. You can see what you have, what you want to throw out, and what's worth keeping. And you'll know where things are. Even if you only do this in one or two rooms, you're still making progress organizing the house. 

3. Booking Off Hours

Junk removal services don't run on banker's hours; some may even offer 24/7 pickups. If a local service provides flexible hours, requesting a pickup at a "quiet time" could move things faster and smoother, too. Sundays morning at 9:00 am might be preferable, depending on the pickup location. When the area has little traffic on the street and fewer pedestrians walking around, the removal team can potentially more a lot quicker. Fewer distractions also contribute to a better-organized removal day, which could make things both productive and upbeat.

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