Avoid HOA Citations By Renting A Dumpster While Remodeling

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Avoid HOA Citations By Renting A Dumpster While Remodeling

27 April 2020
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When you're just getting started remodeling your home, there's a lot of things you'll want to take care of to make sure that you're not going to be struggling with keeping your home organized during the project. Instead of putting off remodeling or dealing with a huge mess during, it's a good idea to see how dumpster rental can be so useful.

If you're part of a homeowner association, the following tips can you avoid citations and keep the project going smoothly.

Stay Organized While Remodeling

One of the most useful reasons to rent a dumpster while remodeling is simply being able to stay organized as you take care of all the work involved in remodeling. Instead of having things thrown around outside, you can rent a dumpster to keep things much more organized where trash is kept in one area and things that you're going to hold onto in another.

Without a dumpster rented, you can often end up in a situation where you get them mixed up in terms of what's going to be stored where and what you're going hold onto.

Don't Overfill Your Regular Dumpster

Being able to rent a large dumpster can make it much easier to stay organized during your move since your trash won't be overflowing. In some cases, the HOA you belong to could have restrictions over the items that can be put in the dumpster or over how full it is.

If you find that your regular dumpster can't even close, it can be so useful to rely on a business that's able to provide a dumpster that has more than enough space for everything you're disposing of.

Park the Dumpster Out of View

Since HOA's can be quite strict regarding the curb appeal of your home, it's a good idea to park the dumpster as far away as possible. By being able to work with the business to organize where you want the dumpster to be set up, you can often avoid situations where the dumpster is highly visible and can warrant a citation from your homeowner association.

With the need to dispose of a lot of trash during a remodeling project, you need to consider the above tips that can help make renting a dumpster so valuable. By arranging to have a dumpster dropped off for the duration of the project, you can ensure that you don't end up getting in trouble with your HOA and fined during remodeling.