Don't Make These Dumpster Rental Mistakes

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Don't Make These Dumpster Rental Mistakes

24 March 2020
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Renting a dumpster might sound like a piece of cake, but there are a few things you should know about the process. While getting a dumpster to your home is easy and pain-free, you should know a few extra things about the process to ensure that you are making good choices that will not damage your lawn or property.

Avoid Dumping Hazardous Materials

While you can toss almost anything in your dumpster, there are some materials you should ask the company about first. These include gasoline, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, oil, batteries, paint, light bulbs, tires, and aerosol items. You may need to take extra steps to get rid of these items.

Clear Way for the Dumpster

Be aware that a dumpster can block your driveway (and thus, your vehicle) and other doors if you are not careful about placement. Plan ahead, before the dumpster arrives, so you know where the dumpster will sit out of the way of your daily routine. You don't want to be caught off guard with a large dumpster that doesn't allow you to continue living your life.

Take Care of Your Property

You might not realize that a dumpster on your yard could damage things underneath, including a plumbing system or septic tank. You also want to think about the route you will take when you travel to your dumpster carrying heavy objects. Make sure you have a safe route that doesn't trample your lawn or scratch your vehicle.

Place Your Dumpster on Flat Ground

In order for your dumpster to be of the best use to you, make sure it is on flat land. If your driveway is sloped, you may need to put it in the road. You may also need to make sure that the ground does not move under the weight of the dumpster — especially as you begin to fill it with items.

Understand Rules for Permits

Every city and municipality is different. Make sure that you know the rules in your area so you do not get in trouble for not having a permit on hand. Your dumpster rental company may have the answer as to whether you need a permit, so make sure to ask.

Renting From the Wrong Facility

Renting from the wrong dumpster rental facility can be a mistake. You need to work with a company that understands your needs as well as your wishes for your property. It is always a good idea to reach out to multiple companies for quotes and information. Talk to companies like Tiger Sanitation LLC to learn more.