Renting A Dumpster For Your Business

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Renting A Dumpster For Your Business

26 March 2020
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Whether you own or lease the property your business operates from, the responsibility for removing your trash may fall on you. If you are running a business that generates a lot of waste, you must have a dumpster or trash solution that will accommodate the amount of material you are throwing away.

Trash Dumpsters

A standard trash dumpster is one that you can put just about everything in, and the refuse company will come and empty on site. The container often has large doors on the top that opens to allow trash to be put in the container as well as allowing the garbage to come out when the truck lifts and inverts the dumpster. 

Most dumpster rental companies of these containers and will empty them on a weekly schedule, but if you need it emptied several times a week, you can request it. These dumpsters are available in several sizes, so talk to the rental company about the options, and they can help you select the right one for your needs.

Cardboard and Paper Dumpsters

For businesses that receive a lot of merchandise in cardboard boxes, a cardboard dumpster can often save you some money. The dumpster looks a lot like a standard dumpster, but the front of the container has a smaller opening in it that requires you to flatten or breakdown boxes before sliding them into the slot. 

Once the dumpster is full of cardboard, the refuse company will come and empty the dumpster for you. The company recycles the cardboard from the dumpster, and often the cost of these dumpsters is cheaper for the business because the rental company makes a profit from the cardboard. 

Using a cardboard dumpster along with a standard trash dumpster can offset the cost of the trash dumpster because it does not need emptying nearly as often as if you are using it alone.

Compacting Dumpsters

For companies that generate a large amount of trash, a compactor is often your best option. The compactor has a container that holds the trash and a compactor unit that houses the ram and does the work. The trash is put in the compactor, and when the hopper is full, the ram compresses the trash into the container. 

Using a compactor allows you to put far more trash in the container than if it were not compacted, and often you can go longer between pickups. The cost of the compactor system is higher because it needs installing and is often a permanent installation. Over time the price of trash removal may be lower when using the system, but the upfront cost may be harder to deal with for small companies.

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