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Construction Site Recycling

31 March 2020
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When you are doing a construction job you may want to put some thought into what you do with a lot of the materials you end up with that needs to be hauled off. You can recycle a lot of the materials, and this can help you save money, earn money and do something that is better for the environment. To learn more about recycling at a construction site, you want to continue reading this writing.

Many types of construction jobs offer recycling opportunities.

New construction – You might not think that there would be much to recycle with a new construction job, but there can be. Once the job is completed, it is highly likely that you will find yourself with a lot of materials left over that didn't get used. You may have unused materials that can be returned as well.

Renovations – When doing renovations, there are some different ways that recycling can be done. Anything that is to be removed from the site can be recycled. But there may also be material that was removed from the structure to make improvements that can then be reused during the renovation process.

Demolitions – Demolitions often provide plenty of opportunities for recycling. There will be a lot of different materials that can be scrapped and recycled. It's a good idea to try to pull out as much of the recyclable materials as possible first, before ringing the building down. This way there is less sifting to do through all of the debris.

There are a lot of different materials that can be recycled or repurposed.

You want to be able to spot all the things that you can recycle or even repurpose quickly. Put them in the recyclable bin as you spot them so they don't accidentally get hauled off as trash. Some of the many items and materials that you are going to want to watch for are large pieces of wood still in good shape, copper, aluminum, steel, brick, shingles, coaxial cable, windows, doors, fixtures, appliances and anything else that is in good shape and that can bring in cash for recycling or be used on future jobs.

The easiest way to recycle at a construction site is to have two dumpsters: one for the debris and one for the recyclable items. This way, it is clear what goes where and you can keep the work area cleaner and safer. Visit sites like for more information on construction recycling.