Household Hazardous Waste: A Basic Overview

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Household Hazardous Waste: A Basic Overview

29 June 2020
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Most people view their homes as a safe and comfortable place. What homeowners may not realize is that their home could be filled with hazardous materials. Household hazardous waste presents a unique problem.

Disposing of this waste properly is essential, but homeowners are often not educated in proper disposal methods. Learn more about household hazardous waste and what you can do to protect your family in the future.

What Is Household Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is usually thought of as the toxic byproduct of industrial or manufacturing processes. The reality is that hazardous materials are all around. Any household product that has the potential to catch fire, explode, or react negatively with common chemicals can be classified as hazardous waste.

You probably have some of these products in your home right now. Products like paint, wood stain and varnishes, certain cleaners, and fluorescent light bulbs all have the potential to become hazardous and are classified as household hazardous waste.

What Are the Dangers of Household Waste?

Homeowners who have stored leftover paint, fuel, or other hazardous substances in the home might not see the danger these materials pose to the health and safety of their families.

Hazardous products can become extremely volatile over time. Should two hazardous substances inadvertently mix, dangerous fumes could be created. Breathing in these fumes can cause serious health issues for your family. Should a hazardous substance get spilled, you could contaminate the surrounding environment.

It's important that you have a plan in place for the disposal of household waste products so that you don't face any of the risks associated with the long-term storage of these materials.

How Should Household Waste Be Eliminated?

Disposing of hazardous household waste materials properly is critical. Many municipalities have dedicated disposal sites that are equipped to handle these potentially harmful household waste products.

Working with a hazardous waste disposal company can also be a beneficial way to reduce your family's risk. These companies can come to your home and remove any hazardous materials so that you don't have to shoulder the added burden of transporting dangerous items to a local landfill.

Disposal methods will vary based on the type of chemicals within your household hazardous materials, so the elimination of these products should always be left to a professional.

Don't let ignorance put your family at risk. Be proactive in managing any hazardous materials that may be threatening the health and safety of your household.