Why Start A Construction Recycling Business?

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Why Start A Construction Recycling Business?

22 July 2022
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When a home or other building is constructed, so many of the materials that are used in the construction go to waste. With landfills always at risk of overflowing and many of the products being thrown out during construction being actually salvageable, having a construction recycling company at the ready during a home or business build has many benefits.

You can start a construction recycling company and benefit strongly right away. Several items being thrown out can be salvaged and used for other projects or recycled into similar materials again. All you have to do is have the right equipment handy to haul away recyclable items and you can be in business.

Here are reasons to start a construction recycling business. With the right ambition and a little startup time and money, you can be on your way to having a successful business.

You have little barrier to entry

When you look up construction recycling online, you likely don't see many other businesses that are similar in your area, if at all. This means there is little barrier to entry since you have no competition. Your closest competition will be recycling centers, but they don't actually go to construction sites to remove recycling items, so they will be more complementary to your business rather than competition for you.

You have low startup and overhead

You need a vehicle or trailer to haul items with and someone to sort and haul rejected construction materials to get started with your business. Owning an LLC helps to legally protect your business and is not expensive to obtain. You can start a construction recycling business with low startup and overhead.

You can make money on your first day

All you have to do to start a construction recycling business is a vehicle you wouldn't mind putting in construction materials in. You then find local construction sites and ask them if you can sort their waste to divide recyclable items from garbage. Take the recyclable items with you to recycle at your nearest recycling plant for profit or take to your home or place of business to sort into piles later based on what the materials are.

You can do more than recycle

You can recycle metals, plastics, glass, and other construction waste directly with the recycling plant as one form of making money with your construction recycling business. You can also reuse and resell construction materials that are still in great shape and can be used in construction for other jobs. Sell these materials to construction companies or directly to consumers to make additional income.

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