3 Features To Look For In A Biosolid Dump Trailer

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3 Features To Look For In A Biosolid Dump Trailer

20 January 2023
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Disposing of biosolids properly can be tricky. Since most companies don't have a disposal facility on-site, biosolids must be transported to a disposal facility.

A dump trailer can be a beneficial tool when you need to transport biosolid materials from one location to another. Dump trailers come in a wide range of styles, so it's important that you consider the features you will need to maximize the safety and ease of transporting biosolids.

Here are three features that you should be looking for to ensure you invest in the right dump trailer for the job.

1. Open-Back Design

A dump trailer with an open-back design can make loading your biosolids into the trailer much easier. Most companies will collect biosolids in specialized containers, then dispose of multiple containers simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

An open-back design makes it easier to load these specialized containers into the trailer itself.

A ramp can be fitted to the rear of the dump trailer so containers can be walked directly into the trailer. An open-back design can also facilitate the use of a forklift or other lifting device to help you load your biosolid containers.

2. Tarp Brackets

It's important that you are able to keep your biosolid containers secure when you are transporting them from your place of business to a disposal facility. One of the easiest ways to ensure your load remains secure is to invest in a dump trailer with tarp brackets.

Tarp brackets provide secure attachment points for a covering to be placed over the top of your dump trailer. The covering will prevent any containers or other items from blowing out of the dump trailer while you are driving on public roadways.

Tarp brackets installed by the manufacturer will distribute the weight of the covering evenly and prevent it from sustaining any damage during transit.

3. Automated Controls

Once you are ready to dump the biosolid contents of your trailer, you want controls that are easy to navigate.

Automated controls can help reduce the amount of effort required to empty a dump trailer. Automated controls also make it easier for the person dumping the trailer to monitor the dump process.

Be sure that your dump trailer features automated controls if you want to streamline the disposal of your biosolids in the future.

Having access to a dump trailer with an open-back design, tarp brackets, and automated controls will maximize efficiency when transporting biosolid waste.

To learn more about dump trailers, reach out to a supplier near you.