4 Tips For Filling Your Garbage Disposal Bin Rental

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4 Tips For Filling Your Garbage Disposal Bin Rental

2 June 2023
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Renting a garbage bin is only the beginning of the work. Now, you have to fill it, whether you need it to remove construction waste or prepping for a move. When you fill your rental dumpster properly, you can get the most out of it, so follow these four tips for filling your garbage disposal bin rental.

Tip One: Go Over the Details of the Agreement 

When you rent a dumpster for your job, you will sign an agreement with the rental company that lays out their stipulations for using their products. The rental agreement will spell out the service, such as the type of dumpster rental and rental dates. You can also refer to the agreement to answer questions about emptying the dumpster and returning it. It will also spell out items not allowed in the dumpster, such as electronics.

Tip Two: Start With Large Items 

It's best to fill the dumpster with the largest items available first. When you fill the dumpster with the large items first, it'll be easier to fit the smaller items around the large items, increasing the amount of space you utilize. If you place larger items on top of the smaller items, you will end up with empty space.

Tip Three: Break Large Items Down

You don't need to place your waste into the garbage bin as-is. You can break large items apart to make the material easier to manage. This, too, will allow you to make the most of your space. You may need certain tools to break down the material, such as a screwdriver or Allen wrench. However, the time you spend can be worth it. 

Tip Four: Separate Recycling

Certain waste can be reused to make new items, saving landfills from even more overcrowding than already exists. This is not only good for the environment but also keeps building material costs down. Don't forget to separate the different materials. For example, paper should be in a different container than glass. This may mean that you'll have to get more than one dumpster. Not all items can be recycled. Learn in advance so that you don't add more work for the staff at the recycling center. 

Plan your job in advance to set up the proper rental dumpster size and rental length duration. You should also make it clear which dumpsters are for which items for everyone else on the job site.